Schools awareness

Druglink have over 20 years' experience of delivering awareness training to schools and colleges. Our new Schools Awareness programme will help us educate students, teachers and parents on substances and their effects.

Secondary school children in England are now more likely to have tried drugs than cigarettes, according to NHS Digital's 2016 survey*. The survey found that 24% of 11-15 year-old's had tried recreational drugs at least once in their lives, a 9% rise on the 2014 survey. The survey also found 15% of 11 year-old's have consumed alcohol, and 73% of those aged 15. 

With these figures on the rise, it is essential for us to do what we can to drive education and knowledge, to help children make sensible decisions, and to prevent possible issues with substances in the future.  

As part of our Schools Awareness programme we want to visit students and parents from year 7 upwards, and teachers of all years. Upon request, we will also visit year 6 to deliver information on age appropriate topics, including peer pressure, smoking and alcohol. 

Our aim is to enable each of these groups to:

•  Learn about substances and how they are consumed
•  Recognise the symptoms of substance use
•  Know what help is available and how to get it
•  Understand the side effects of use, and how it affects not only them but their family, friends and everyone around them.

* NHS Digital 2016 Survey 'Smoking, drinking and drug use among young people'.

what educational sessions can we deliver?

We can offer educational sessions on broader Drug and/ or Alcohol Awareness, or more specialist topics such as Cannabis, New Psychoactive Substances, or Drink and Drug Driving. 

We can deliver these through private sessions with parents or teachers, or to students via interactive class sessions or as general awareness assemblies. We can also create a bespoke course relevant to specific institution needs.

We also offer e-learning, enabling people to learn at their own pace, at a time that suits them. E-learning packages are available for institutions.

Please email us via the button below, or call 01442 800 911 to discuss your requirements.

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