Why a Diversion eLearning course?

As a first offence and where a community resolution is issued why not think about our Diversion eLearning courses? They are designed to give an introduction to the topic (Alcohol, Drugs, Cannabis) and provide information, advice and guidance on future use.

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To book a Diversion eLearning course contact the Diversion team on:
01923 271 783  |  diversion@druglink.ltd.uk

Quality Standards

Druglink’s Diversion scheme has attained ISO 9001. Druglink staff are able to monitor the process of the eLearning course completion.

Course details


Learning can be accessed at any location, any time of any day, so you can take full advantage of self-paced learning that fits around your schedule. The multi-element and interactive approach is varied and interesting.

Courses have been written by qualified trainers who are also experienced in delivering our face to face courses.