Why attend a Diversion course?

If you have you received a Penalty Notice for Disorder (PND), Conditional Caution or Community Resolution for an alcohol or drug related offence, you might be eligible to attend an Alcohol or Drug Diversion Course. Attendance on the course will result in the cancellation of your PND or compliance with some of the terms of your Conditional Caution or Community Resolution. 

You will gain an understanding of:

• The potential risks to you and others in alcohol or drug fuelled situations
• How to identify risk situations
• The longer term effects of alcohol or drugs
• How to stay safe and make good decisions
• Awareness of the law
• The consequences of your actions

Should you fail to attend you may be liable to pay your PND in full or be subject to prosecution. 

what attendees are saying about the course

"I have found this course very helpful and informative. It has made me a lot more aware of the dangers of drugs and addiction. Thank you."

"The trainer was excellent, giving very practical advice."

"This was a great informative session. It was great to share views and ideas."

"Very informative, thank you."

"Very interesting, great knowledge."

"Informative and affirming."

Course information

All of our courses are based as close as possible to you. They will be in an accessible venue, such as a community centre, fire station, training centre or college.

You will be given a maximum of 21 days in which you must book on to one of our courses, which run throughout the year.

Contact us for price information.