Druglink Training

We deliver courses that are aimed at professionals working across a variety of sectors, courses that are designed to meet the needs of carers and service users, courses for schools and colleges, community groups or individuals.

Our training courses offer education to help prevent substance misuse, guidance to help people affected by substance misuse and techniques to improve heath and well-being by managing everyday pressures.

Available types of training

To meet your needs we offer flexible training solutions:

course examples

Examples of the courses we can offer include:

Alcohol and other drugs:
• Alcohol Awareness
• Drug Awareness
• New Psychoactive Substances (NPD) Awareness
• Introduction to Cannabis - addiction, effects and consequences
• Introduction to Cocaine - addiction, effects and consequences
• Introduction to Heroin - addiction, effects and consequences
• Drugs and driving

Health and well-being:
• Managing everyday pressures: Mindfulness and other techniques