Druglink Diversion Scheme

What is Druglink's Diversion Scheme?

Diversion Schemes have been developed to increase peoples understanding of low-level offending related to a substance or type of behaviour. At our partnered Police Forces, when an individual commits an offence that involves alcohol or certain drugs, they may be offered the chance to attend a Druglink Diversion course. We offer Alcohol, Drugs and Cannabis courses. 
Why use a Diversion Scheme?
  1. We address the nature of offending before it escalates and people find themselves involved in the Criminal Justice System. 
  2. We educate and inform, empowering offenders to take responsibility and make informed decisions.
  3. Course attendance will result in the cancellation of the Fixed Penalty Notice and compliance with part/ all the terms of a conditional caution, community resolution or red card.



Further help

We understand some individuals who attend our courses may already be experiencing difficulties with alcohol or substance dependency. 

All our trainers use an ‘Identity Toolkit’ to identify people who may have these issues and might be in need of further treatment. We are then able to refer people to appropriate agencies who can address their needs

Our Quality Policy

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