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Course Details

Alcohol & other Drugs Awareness
The Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living

Awareness sessions for those who want - or need - to know a bit more about alcohol and other drugs:
- Help your clients
- Understand substance misuse and addiction
- ‘Bust some myths’ and misunderstanding

These sessions are designed for you if:
- You sometimes come into contact with people with alcohol and other drugs issues (or if you might).
- You know only a little about drugs and alcohol.
- You work in the care or community sector for a Private, Voluntary or Independent organisation in Hertfordshire.

Session outline:
- General understanding of alcohol and drugs: health effects, impacts on society and links with behaviour.
- Knowing how to ‘spot the signs’ of use.
- Tools to enable you to discuss issues with clients.
- Help dealing with your specific issues relating to alcohol and other drugs.
- Self-help on managing everyday pressures.

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